Audi A1 2017 Price, Release Date, Engine, Redesign

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Audi car is one of the famous cars that have impressive design. With this reason, the new car from Audi which is named Audi A1 2017 also will show the sharp and amazing design that will surprise the pedestrian when they look at the car. This new car is smaller than A3 or A3 e-tron. However, the car will have impressive specs and performance that can comfort the drivers in driving. Besides, the latest technology is also installed in this new car that will facilitate people very well.

The Audi A1 2017 exterior

Since this car is hatchback car, the design of the car is smaller than the common Audi. However, the 2017 Audi A1 has full upgrade. It can be seen at the front light and taillight of the car. The design is more hostile in good shape and the car also has hexagonal grille. Furthermore, the car also will look sportier and youthful look. The body chassis of the car will offer the wheelbase of A1 getting better in performance.

The Audi A1 2017 interior

Not only at the exterior but the interior of Audi A1 2017 also have some upgrades. The top interior quality with the technology inside the car also will facilitate the people well. The car has a lot more standard equipment and interior design changes that will bring the car in comfortable environment. The upholstery of this seat is also comfortable. Because of that, people will enjoy when they are driving the car.

The Audi A1 2017 engine specs

With the impressive design in both exterior and interior, the new Audi A1 will use dual clutch system shifts that will be smooth as ever. The engine option of the car will use a number of diesel and gasoline engine. This engine will deliver power about 200 horsepower as the maximum output. With the turbocharger, the car also will be more comfortable. With this impressive engine, the car will compete with other competitor very well.

The Audi A1 2017 release date and price

The Audi A1 2017 will be released in the closing quarter of 2017. This hatchback car will be impressive and the cost of this car will be about close to $28,000. The price of the car will depend on the specs and also the trim level. In other words, the price can be higher. The recent model is not available in the country so that you should be patient to wait this car.

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