Audi A6 2017 Redesign, Interior, Exterior, Engine Specification, Pricing

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Audi has produced various car models over the years. If you are looking for mid-size luxury sedan then, this car manufacturer has Audi A6 2017 to offer. Coming brand new in the car market this year, this car is one that is considered good enough to stand up against flagship cars of other brands. Let’s see what it has to offer to be considered so here below.

Audi A6 Exterior Design Styling

To tell you the truth, the styling of the current A6 model is not that much different than it was in the last year model. However, considering that Audi A6 2016 has big single frame grille in the front, it still makes good exterior design for the current model. It does get the standard S-line exterior treatment. However, this car at least does not get any worse than its previous model, as expected from the Audi.

Audi A6 Interior Style Redesign

Speaking about the car interior, you must know well that Audi does not change the space over the past decade. However, it is not something bad to get either. In its interior design, Audi A6 2017 has offered the space that is enough for people of all body sized and types to fit in the front, although the rear is more close-fitting. There is even 14.1 cubic feet of trunk space too that is spacious enough to fit stuff in.

Powertrains of 2017 Audi A6

It won’t worth to pay Audi A6 2017 price if the car is not equipped well enough in its engine. You don’t have to worry. We are talking about Audi here. There is 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 paired with either 7-speed automatic and front drive or 8-speed automatic and all wheel drive. There is also 3.0-liter supercharged paired with 8-speed and all wheel drive to produce up to 340 horsepower to run car with.

Current Pricing of the Audi A6

Go around the car market and you will find the car available for sale already. If you are interested in owning the car, it becomes necessary for you to know the price currently tagged on it. For car as good as this one, Audi has its price started from $47,600. It is pretty expensive with full equipment, but you get notable things from Audi A6 2017. It should be worth to make purchase from, you see.

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