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We have good lineup of brand new car models this year. Among those cars in the lineup, there is Audi Q5 2017 to offer the best and latest redesign ever for you to buy. Still, proper consideration is needed if you want to make the best purchase of all. That is why you need to take your time and learn a thing or two of the car you would like to buy.

2017 Audi Q5 Exterior Changes

Surely, we can expect more things from this brand new car than Audi Q5 2016 last year. From the exterior point of view, we can say that this 2017 car model remains relevant in its design. The Q5 model has always had that simple styling from its outer appearance. Still, bigger wheels are used for the sake of making it look sporty from outside. This simple touch makes the car look more than just an ordinary one.

2017 Audi Q5 Interior Redesign

While the exterior styling might be simple, Audi has its Q5 model designed with quality materials in its interior design. This is something that makes it easy for people to recognize the car as one coming from Audi. Audi Q5 2017 uses leather inside to promise excellent comfort for both driver and passengers while driving the car. Furthermore, there is panoramic sunroof designed as well for good view above you.

Audi Q5 Engine Performance

Now that you know the look of the car both outside and inside, you have to put some attention to the engine under its hood as well. Better performance is expected in the future Audi Q5 2018, but we get up to 3 powertrains from this 2017 car model here. They are one inline 4 engine and two supercharged V6 engines. The three of them are all paired with competent 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

Audi Q5 Current Tagged Price

You see it now that it is not ordinary car to buy from this year lineup. So, you better be prepared for the price shouldn’t be as cheap as you might think of. It is 2017 year model, so you should have been able to find it around by now. Audi Q5 2017 currently has its price started from $40,900. It is quite high, indeed. However, considering everything you can get from the car, it makes reasonable one to charge you with.

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