Audi RS4 2017 Specs, Powertrain, Engine and Release Date

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Are you waiting for the new product of Audi? Well, as the one of the most prominent auto manufacture in the world, Audi never stops creating a stunning product in order to get more intention from the customers around the world. Based on some gossips and latest news, Audi is ready to release newest sedan called Audi RS4 2017. The new car will come to the market with the well combination of look and performance. Let us see some detail specs of it below.

Audi RS4 exterior

The new S4 will comes to the auto market with a stunning look. It has new exterior detail by the metallic accent in its surface coming from the use of carbon and aluminum as the base material. The use of the carbon is nice because RS4 will have better stability in its lighter weight.

In other hand, the exterior of the Audi RS4 2017 sedan is also special by the plain design in its body. There is no line in the surface of the body, so people will get simple but modern look there. Audi prepares some color options of the car body to choose. Besides, the exterior of the new Audi is also great with some new features in grill, bumper and lighting aspects.

Audi RS4 2017 interior

Similar with the common sedan in the market, the new RS4 will come with four doors. Inside the car, there will be two row seats, which will be nice to cover up to four passengers in maximal. The interior of the new Audi RS4 2017 is also sleek with stunning arrange. Now, it has larger space, which will be good to release the tiredness during the long daily journey.

Audi RS4 engine specs

Then, how about the engine of the new Audi? The new sedan applies 2.0L V4 turbocharge for the base engine. The new engine is smooth in performance. It is able to reach up to 220 horsepower in maximal. In other hand, the engine inside the Audi RS4 2017 specs is also good with the turbocharger tech, which will deliver better acceleration. Then, Audi also says that the engine will have better fuel use.

Audi RS4 2017 price and release date

Seeing the detail specs of it, we may see that Audi RS4 2017 is one of the great sedan to wait. We expect that the new RS4 will come to the market in the end of this year. Then, about the price of it, we assume that the average price is around $35,000.

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