Audi RS5 2017 Specs, Redesign, Engine and Powertrain

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RS5 is one of the greatest product types of Audi. It includes in the family of sport car, which will deliver new challenge for those who want to get the challenging journey. Here, based on some latest news, Audi prepares to release the new edition of RS5 called Audi RS5 2017. We predict that the coming of new Audi’s sport car will make a new competition in the auto market. Let us see some specs about it below.

Audi RS5 exterior view

The new RS5 comes with the stunning look. The new car is very good by the modern detail in its exterior. In the Audi RS5 2017 specs, we will see that new RS5 comes with metallic accent in its body coming from the use of carbon and aluminum as the base material. In other hand, RS5 has plain detail, which will show a simple but modern look.

The exterior of the new RS5 is also nice with the new features. The new RS5 comes with new bumper and grille in its front. The bumper and grill now is bigger than the previous version, so it will look stronger. Headlight now uses the sharper shape and LED tech for the brighter lighting. Some colors of the body are available but maybe, customers will choose red as their favorite.

Audi RS5 2017 interior

Move to talk about the interior view of the new RS5; we may see a modern detail there. Audi uses the modern concept by applying the new cabin by its soft color. For the seating matter, there is only a row seat inside the Audi RS5 2017 because it applies the coupe style. The limited seat means that RS5 is one of the special car to drive. Interior of new RS5 is also good with some new features, such as new GPS, audio system, USB port and others.

Audi RS5 engine specs

The new car comes with the better and more powerful engine. Below the hood of Audi RS5 2017 black, there is 2.9L V6 turbocharger engine. The new engine is special because it is able to reach up to 443 horsepower in maximal. In other hand, the engine with turbocharger tech delivers better acceleration.

Audi RS5 2017 price and release date

We expect that the new Audi RS5 2017 will come to the market in this summer. It will be the serious competitor for other manufactures. Then, about the base price, we expect that it is around $62,900.

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