Audi RS7 2017 Engine, Design, Price, Release Date

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Audi is one of the best car producers that show the classy and elegant car. Like other Audi car, the Audi RS7 2017 also will offer the satisfaction specs and design for people that love to elegant car. This car will have some changes that will show more luxurious than the previous one. Not only elegant, but the new car also look sporty especially for front design. The performance of the car will be represented at the design of the car. The features in the car will apply the latest technology of the car so that the people will enjoy the car very much.

The Audi RS7 2017 exterior

The design of this car is exclusive enough. The new Audi RS7 will use carbon-fiber that will support the performance of the car. Besides, the car also has sporty look at the front design. It can be seen at the combination between the bumper and the grille of the car which is more aggressive. The headlight of the car is also slanted that will make the car looking beautiful. It also will use a nice LED that helps the driver in the night driving.

The Audi RS7 2017 interior

Furthermore, the Audi RS7 interior is also impressive and classy. The car has heavily bolstered seat hug the driver and front passenger. Inside the car also has carbon-fiber interior trim and blue stitching and black leather and micro suede seats. Besides, the cabin of the Audi RS7 2017 is also comfortable to use. The best one that can be seen in the car is that it has high features that use the latest technology in to facilitate the people well. This car also use standard four-zone climate control, a head-up display, a 7.0-inch TFT instrument cluster, and so forth that will help the people in driving the car.

The Audi RS7 2017 engine specs

The car will apply the spectacular engine to satisfy the driver. This car will use twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8. This engine can give an output about 560 horsepower. The engine of the car also will be supported with a performance-tuned eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive with a lowered suspension that will comfort the drivers very well.

The Audi RS7 2017 release date and price

The price of this car is about $114,875 for the basic one. It means that the car will have higher price suitable with the trim level of the car. Moreover, the date release of the Audi RS7 2017 will be about the beginning of 2017.

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